I decided that today was finally the day. I could hide from it no longer.

After getting the children up and off to school this morning (something that is becoming more difficult the older they get), I sat down in front of the computer. I checked for emails… Facebook…. Please let there be something urgent! Nope… It was really time… but I couldn’t even convince myself to open the blog ‘dashboard’! (That name still makes me think I should be driving somewhere.)

I have stared at this blog a few times now, wondering where to begin. It feels strangely familiar, like starting a new sketch book. That first white page stares up at you… waiting. It always seems to be asking for something important, profound. I found a way around that daunting first page. I skip it and always start on the second page. But a blog won’t let me do that…

I decide to take a breather instead.

Wrapping up warm, I head out into the cold crisp sunny day. By the time I get half way down our rather long gravel driveway, Nature begins to work her magic. My pace slows, my shoulders relax and I feel myself open to the beautiful world around me. The trees, the lush green moss and ferns… the sound of our little creek… and birds singing! Reminding me that spring is not far off!

Left at the end of our driveway, and there is the lake – calm and quiet. Sparkling in the late morning sun.

I visit the seasonal waterfall on the other side of the road then slowly walk down to say Hello to the lake.

I feel so much gratitude and joy.

Then… on the way back home I mentally sort things out.

This is one of my rituals for when I’m feeling stuck or worried about something. It helps me remember to just breathe for a moment. By the time I reach home, I usually have a plan or idea I can work with.

It worked like a charm today… I grabbed my camera and headed back out. I knew exactly what I was going to share with you today!