A home for some of Life’s Treasures

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This project began with a brilliant and inspiring request…

Could I create a private ‘Painting with Wool’ adult workshop in which each participant would create a panel of the same size that would later be put together into a box for holding some of Life’s Treasures.

The four sides of the box would be inspired by the four elements and the four directions. And the top panel, created by the birthday girl, would be inspired by the fifth element – spirit.

We spent a beautiful morning creating together, paused to enjoy tea and a wonderful selection of potluck treats and then continued on with our project.

There was something very special about this day. It was such an honour to host a circle of friends coming together to create together in celebration of a wonderful woman and her birthday.

The birthday girl did such a magnificent job of putting the pieces together. The result is simply breath-taking!

It is truly a fitting home for some of life’s treasures!


Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


Yesterday was such an eventful day. In addition to our family traditions, this year the weekly Handwork class lined up perfectly with Valentines Day.

The children have been working on these for the last couple of classes, in addition to their main knitting projects. And they were so excited to finish their Valentine’s gifts and take them home to their parents.

After class I was spoiled with an Italian feast, lovingly prepared by my husband. And then I was off to celebrate the launch of Lesley Fountain’s wonderful book – The Passionate Life.

This book features 22 women, myself included, living passionate lives here in the Cowichan Valley.

Being involved in this book has been such an incredible experience! I knew a number of these women prior to the creation of the book, but I have since made many new and inspiring connections. This book and these women remind me how important it is to be involved in a community. Especially one that is so full of amazing women all searching and striving for beautiful, passionate lives. It gives me such strength and courage knowing that I am not alone in my search. And that I am not crazy in what I am trying to achieve. Unless, of course, we are all just a little crazy… Perhaps we need to be.

I send a big THANK YOU out to this wonderful circle of women. Connecting with all of you is a such a gift! May your muse sing forever and alway!