This project began with a brilliant and inspiring request…

Could I create a private ‘Painting with Wool’ adult workshop in which each participant would create a panel of the same size that would later be put together into a box for holding some of Life’s Treasures.

The four sides of the box would be inspired by the four elements and the four directions. And the top panel, created by the birthday girl, would be inspired by the fifth element – spirit.

We spent a beautiful morning creating together, paused to enjoy tea and a wonderful selection of potluck treats and then continued on with our project.

There was something very special about this day. It was such an honour to host a circle of friends coming together to create together in celebration of a wonderful woman and her birthday.

The birthday girl did such a magnificent job of putting the pieces together. The result is simply breath-taking!

It is truly a fitting home for some of life’s treasures!